I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WAHOO! The THIRD ISA Success Story!

We are the proud parents of six children. Two biological – four adopted. Three of our adopted girls are still in Haiti waiting to come home to us. They are “officially” ours according to the Haitian government, but they have not been awarded their passports or visas yet. We believe that will happen soon.

Our adoption journey began in 2005 when we were privileged to adopt a teenage girl out of the foster care system in Ottertail County, Minnesota. She has been a blessing to our life and is now living a life of independence and we are “empty-nested.” Our older children are ages 26, 23, and 22.

In June, 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti, Jeanna volunteered at an orphanage. When she returned home and we were looking at all of the pictures from her trip, there was a question that began to stir in our hearts: What is going to happen to the 14 year old girl when she ages out of the orphanage? That question turned into a prayer and God led us to pursue her adoption. We knew that she had a 10 year-old sister and we did not want to separate them so we chose to pursue both. After all, we are now empty-nested and have plenty of room in our home and in our hearts. Two months later we found out that she has another full sister, age 11. What were we to do? The answer was quick and obvious – adopt all three!

After meeting all three of them and spending some time with them, we knew God had opened a wonderful door of opportunity for us. We could not do this on our own – and we are so thankful for the support of God’s Children Adoption Agency and those who have helped us with the adoption expenses. We are especially grateful for the I Support Adoptions Grant. We know that we will have plenty of challenges ahead of us – but we also know that our lives will be blessed beyond measure.

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